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TEDxDoiSuthep was FANTASTIC!

May 23, 2011

Yesterday, we were presenters for TEDxDoiSuthep at the CMU Auditorium in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This was a significant experience that ended a giant circle for us.   The very first project we created while in Thailand, nearly 10 years ago, was a stage play with 56 actors and an original script, “Watachakra, Ad Infinitum” at the same theatre.  Since we are preparing our big international move back to the US in just a couple of weeks, we were thrilled to participate in this event for a feeling of closure.

The speakers were great.  Everyone was incredibly interesting.  And, it felt good to be able to fully explain the Museum Anatomy project in less than 12 minutes with visual examples and stories behind the paintings being projected. 

The final TEDx videos probably won’t be edited for at least a month…We’ll make sure to post ours when it’s up and running. And, again, (we don’t stress this nearly enough), THANK YOU for supporting our work.  Your interest in what we do keeps us inspired to continue making new work!

Below are a few outtake photos from yesterday’s event. The person in the first photo with us, is James Robert Fuller, who presented a really lovely story about a family of refugees that have been relocated from a camp on the border of Thailand to their home in Buffalo, NY. He’s been following the family with his camera for a number of years, watching their children grow up in the west and integrate into a new culture that they previously had no experience with.   He’s worth looking up – a very interesting person.

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